Kids Bathroom Sink Splash Guard

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Choose the Splashpad® Kids Bathroom Sink Splash Guard to turn your kids' sink area into a clean and tidy space, all while saving time and simplifying your life and routines. We love our kids and as they grow, we teach them how to groom and take care of themselves at the sink. And whether it's brushing their teeth, washing their hands, or embracing their growing independence, kids at the sink can bring joy to your bathroom but leave a mess on the countertops. These kids bathroom sink splash guards are designed to prevent your countertops from getting wet or dirty and they have nonslip grip so they don’t slide off the counter like a towel. They effectively soak up any splashes, turning the cold countertop and hard edges of the sink into a warm and dry place for your little ones. Our splash guards help to keep your kids bathroom sink area dry during their self care, making it easier to keep everything clean and organized. Why struggle with time-consuming cleanup? Let our sink splash guard handle it for you!

Tired of getting splashed at the sink? We feel you. SPLASHPAD’s absorbent microfiber, waterproof inner layer, and nonslip rubber grip stop water and other splashes in their tracks, helping to keep your sink area clean, neat, and dry. 

Our counter mats are also designed to protect your newly remodeled sink areas. These sink splash guards are time savers, as they protect that hard-to-clean area behind the faucet. 

  • Makes cleanup fast and easy
  • Protects surfaces and keeps the area dry
  • Keeps slippery soap and excess water off your countertops
  • Care: Wash on cold, tumble dry low - reusable, eco-friendly
  • Made of 3 premium layers: 1) Microfiber top layer is soft, absorbent and dries quick. 2) Waterproof EVA inner layer for protection. 3) Non slip grip base keeps the mat in place
  • Designed to leave out daily, and hang over the front edge to catch even more splashes
  • Bathroom - fits best on sinks 14" to 21" wide
  • Kitchen - fits best on sinks 27" to 33" wide
  • All mats are adaptable with snaps to fit most countertop sink sizes, 3 pieces snap together

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