Baby Bath Sink Splash Guard

Babies & Kids Sink Splash Guards

Baby Bath Sink Splash Guard

  • This new baby bath mat helps with a newborn sink bath by softening the corners of your sink countertop for your little love.

  • Our sink mat is also a soft place to lay your newborn when drying them off. (Please don't ever leave your baby unattended).

Kids Bathroom Sink Splash Guard

  • Our kid's bathroom sink mat helps your littles feel independent as they learn to brush their teeth and wash their hands. No more wiping up water splashes, toothpaste goo, or getting clothes wet when using our premium faucet guard.​

  • Splashpad mats are made with high quality, soft, quick dry microfiber, are easy to use, and are machine washable. Your kids will love the soft fabric and adults love the quick cleanup!

Splashpad Benefits Include:

  • Makes cleanup fast and easy

  • Protects surfaces and keeps the area dry

  • Keeps slippery soap, toothpaste, and excess water off your countertops

  • Washable, reusable, and eco-friendly