SPLASHPAD bathroom countertop sink mat keeping bathroom countertops clean and dry from makeup and hair products.

Keep Your Countertops Clean & Dry


Invented and patented by a Mom in Austin, TX, SPLASHPAD is a sink mat for your bathroom and kitchen.

This premium 3-ply waterproof pad
snaps around the countertop surrounding your sink to protect the surface from splashes and stains, and helps keep you and your shirt dry, too. It's made from a soft microfiber with a non-slip rubber bottom and is machine washable.

Gone are the days of wiping up splashes on your countertops, cabinets and floors. SPLASHPAD protects your countertops, saves YOU time and makes cleaning easier. Finally!

Small pet taking a sink bath while using SPLASHPAD kitchen sink mat.
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At SPLASHPAD, we know how hard - and rewarding - caring for a household can be. That's why we strive to create products for people that are useful, add value and make their lives easier. Our well-designed and high-quality products provide smart, functional and simple solutions for adults and kids of all ages, and pets alike. SPLASHPAD is the only company selling our patented bathroom and kitchen countertop protector mats.

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I am super excited about the SPLASHPAD and never having to clean up toothpaste and water spot remnants anymore! This is such a unique product that will help save me time and clean up every morning and night!

Keeping the sink countertop dry is definitely important.

Jill V.

The SPLASHPAD is an amazing product! Living with two teenage boys the sink counter top definitely gets a run for its money. From toothpaste, to shaving cream, to eye contact solution, the list goes on and on; the SPLASHPAD kept my countertop dry and free of spots! Less cleaning for me.

Savannah A.

I have to clean the bathroom sink and counters each morning after my family brushes and washes up. But by using the SPLASHPAD sink towel, it eliminated the wet and dirty counter areas which saved me time and frustration during my busy day. The SPLASHPAD is a great time saver and it looks great on my counter.

Kamilla V.