Rock your countertop.

With SPLASHPAD® countertop protectors and sink splash guard, you’ll spend less time cleaning, and do more of the things you love.

Whether you are frustrated with a messy sink area, drips and water splashes on wet counters, or constant cleaning, you will now have a more practical way to keep your sink area clean and dry and not have to constantly wipe your countertops.

•Keeps Your Sink Area Clean & Dry - Our premium soft absorbent microfiber stops the water splashing out of your sink and keeps your sink counter dry, so you don’t have to wipe it down. 

•Protects from Splashes & Stains - This quick drying waterproof mat protects your marble, quartz or other countertops from water splashes and stains, and keeps your clothes dry, too.

•It's a Time Saver - No More Constant Wiping and Cleaning - Enjoy not having to clean constantly and save time, with this easy-to-use countertop protector mat that is stylish and suits your modern lifestyle.

The Only Countertop Protector that Covers the Sink Area & Behind the Faucet

• These patented countertop protector mats keep that hard-to-reach area behind the faucet clean.

• This modern sink splash mat has a non slip grip, to keep it in place and not slide off your counter like a towel.

• Say goodbye to using towels and tissues. Leave it out, then wash it anytime.

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Bathroom Sink Countertop Protector

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Enjoy that clean feeling every time you use the sink. SPLASHPAD’s absorbent microfiber stops water and other splashes in their tracks, helping to keep your sink area clean, neat and dry. 

These mats help make your lifestyle routine easier, including self care, coloring hair, shaving or applying makeup in the bathroom mirror. Makeup finger prints and other gunk will stay off of your counter, and you can enjoy your place of peace.

Our counter mats are designed to protect your newly remodeled bathroom sink areas. This sink splash guard is a time saver, as it protects that hard to clean area behind the faucet. 

  • Makes cleanup fast and easy

  • Protects surfaces and keeps the area dry

  • Keeps slippery soap and excess water off your countertops

  • Washable, reusable, eco-friendly

  • Adjustable with snaps to fit most bathroom countertop sink sizes 14" to 21" wide (3 pieces snap together)

  • Designed to hang over the front edge to catch even more splashes

  • 3 premium layers:

    • Microfiber top layer is soft, absorbent and dries quick

    • Waterproof EVA inner layer for protection

    • Non slip grip base keeps the mat in place

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"... protect the surface from splashes and stains, and helps keep you and your shirt dry, too."



Love this! Well made and exactly as described. Protects my marble bathroom countertop from makeup, etc. Great purchase!


The splash sink cover is so cool! The quality is perfect & the description is spot on! I am enjoying that I don't have to dry up the water around my sink because it's my helper the less I have to clean is a joy & the fit is great I have it in my bathroom at it's small size. I like them so much I bought two of them & I am so glad I did & you will to. : )


Perfect!! Exactly what I needed and adjusts great to my weirdly sized sink


This is my second order of this product, since I was thrilled with the performance of the first order.


This is the best thing I never knew I needed!! I do my makeup in my bathroom mirror and it helps to keep my sink clean! Great quality! I will be ordering again!


The item has great quality it was as described and exceeds my expectations


This kitchen SPLASHPAD is wonderful! The material is high quality. I was tired of endlessly wiping water around my faucet and counter top. The water drips right onto the more wiping...


The Splashpad arrived promptly after ordering. I have been a splashy dishwasher for decades with water on the counters and floors. So, I was thrilled to find this item...the Splashpad has been very useful for keeping water off the counter...



Countertop Protector

Wash dishes, glasses & pots and pans without having to wipe your counters afterwards.

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