Grey Splashpad Mat Laying on Marble Countertop - Splash Guard for Sink - Waterproof Absorbent Mat and Non Slip Protector Grey Splashpad Mat Laying on Marble Countertop - Splash Guard for Sink - Waterproof Absorbent Mat and Non Slip Protector

Stop the Splash
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"... protect the surface from splashes and stains, and helps keep you and your shirt dry, too."

Our Story

Female Owned and Operated

Founded in 2016 by Heather Pinkerton, a tidy enthusiast, we support people in keeping a clean space to help their well-being.

We create reusable high-quality sink mats that keep your countertops clean and dry while you wash dishes, apply makeup, shave, or do any other sink routine.

Are you frustrated with a messy sink area, drips, water splashes on wet counters, or constant cleaning? Now you have a more practical way to keep your sink area clean and dry and not have to wipe your countertops constantly.

The Splashpad Sink Guard: Keep Your Counters Clean and Dry

For a sink guard that keeps your countertops dry, order Splashpad's sink guard today! With its non-slip backing and perfect fit over the edge of the bathroom or kitchen sink, it's the perfect solution for keeping counters clean and simplifying your day.

Benefits of Using Splashpad®

Keeps Your Sink Area Clean & Dry - Our premium soft absorbent microfiber stops the water splashing out of your sink and keeps your sink counter dry, so you don’t have to wipe it down.

Protects from Splashes & Stains - Have peace of mind knowing this quick-drying waterproof mat will protect your marble, quartz, or other countertops from water splashes and stains, and keeps your clothes dry, too.

It's a Time Saver - No More Constant Wiping and Cleaning - Enjoy not having to clean constantly and save time, with this easy-to-use countertop protector mat that is stylish, suits your modern lifestyle, and makes your life that much easier.

Reduces Wear and Tear on Your Surfaces - The Splashpad sink splash guard not only keeps your countertops clean and dry but also protects them from the long-term damage caused by constant exposure to water.

Convenient and Economical - Compared to the recurring cost of cleaning solutions and the immense effort of regular wiping, our sink guard is a one-time investment that's an economical and hassle-free solution. Save time and simplify your every day life.

Eco-friendly Option - By reducing the need for paper towels or disposable wipes, the Splashpad sink guard is also an environmentally-friendly choice. It's a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle while keeping your sink area neat and tidy.

Stylish and Functional - Available in a variety of colors, the Splashpad sink guard is more than just practical; it’s stylish too. Add a touch of luxury to your kitchen aesthetics, while maintaining functionality and cleanliness.

Upgrade your household with sink splash guards to simplify your day and experience a cleaner, drier, and more efficient cleanup for your countertops!

Black Bathroom Splashpad Mat Protects Marble Countertop from Water Splashes While Shaving and Grooming

Features of the Splashpad Sink Guard:

  • The only splash guard that covers the sink area & behind the faucet.

  • Made with high-quality microfiber material, designed to absorb drips and splashes.

  • Designed to stay out on your counter daily or for the week. The non-slip backing helps keep it in place until you're ready to throw it in the wash with the rest of your towels.

  • Machine washable. Say goodbye to using towels and tissues.

  • Fits over the edge of your sink creating an effective barrier to protect your countertop.

  • Available in multiple sizes and colors to fit your style.
  • Reviews


    Love this! Well made and exactly as described. Protects my marble bathroom countertop from makeup, etc. Great purchase!


    The splash sink cover is so cool! The quality is perfect & the description is spot on! I am enjoying that I don't have to dry up the water around my sink because it's my helper the less I have to clean is a joy & the fit is great I have it in my bathroom at it's small size. I like them so much I bought two of them & I am so glad I did & you will to. : )


    Perfect!! Exactly what I needed and adjusts great to my weirdly sized sink


    This is my second order of this product, since I was thrilled with the performance of the first order.


    This is the best thing I never knew I needed!! I do my makeup in my bathroom mirror and it helps to keep my sink clean! Great quality! I will be ordering again!


    The item has great quality it was as described and exceeds my expectations


    This kitchen SPLASHPAD is wonderful! The material is high quality. I was tired of endlessly wiping water around my faucet and counter top. The water drips right onto the more wiping...


    The Splashpad arrived promptly after ordering. I have been a splashy dishwasher for decades with water on the counters and floors. So, I was thrilled to find this item...the Splashpad has been very useful for keeping water off the counter...