Being half Irish, I have always been extra careful with my skin. Because I wear sunscreen and makeup, I religiously wash my face twice daily. I found myself frustrated having to continually wipe up the messy mixture of water, makeup, sunscreen and toothpaste splashed onto my counters, cabinets, floors and clothes. And my kids' bathroom was even worse. 

Constantly wiping up the mess, and using extra towels to clean up, wasted time and energy that would better be spent elsewhere. Like all busy moms, I needed one less thing to do!

So, I went to work, researching to find out if a product existed that solved this problem. When I couldn’t find one, I decided to tackle the problem myself.

And that’s when the lightbulb went off. I knew what I wanted to create: a simple solution to a common problem—a product that would be easy to use and save time, time better spent with my family. 

After a successful career in the energy industry, when my first child was born I chose to become a stay-at-home mom. Things got real in 2015, when my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and we didn’t know how much longer he would be able to work. Suddenly, I was faced with the reality of providing for my family.

As my husband and I began to adjust to this new reality, I decided to craft a life that would permit me to care for my family and bring to market a truly unique product.

After experimenting with many different designs and materials, I created a unique, useful product that would solve a universal problem: the patented SPLASHPAD sink mat. SPLASHPAD is a simple and convenient way to keep your home clean and dry without any extra effort. Woo hoo!!!

Brushing your teeth, washing your face—water ends up everywhere. Do you wipe it with the same towel you use to dry your face? Use two towels? And what about the water dripping down your arms? And how do you prevent water splashing on your clothes? SPLASHPAD is the answer.

Save time and enjoy having one less thing to do! SPLASHPAD mats keeps your home clean, dry and easy.