About Us

Heather the Inventor of Splashpad Holding a Mat and Her Patent

One day, an ex-energy exec became a stay-at-home Mom with acute postpartum blues and a husband with Parkinson’s. She was lost and spiraling downhill until she wiped her countertop clean and thought there must be a better way for the counter to stay clean. So she turned her pain into her purpose and invented the Splashpad mat.

That ex-exec is me; if you are like me, clean surroundings center you, and messy screams for your attention. When it's clean, the mind calms down, so you can focus on the things that matter— you and your family.

With a Splashpad mat, counters stay fresh and neat. You feel organized and in control, which helped everything else that was “messy” in my life – depression, postpartum, a husband who is ill – they all became a little easier to manage; my life became better.

Clutter and mess are unfinished tasks to our brains, they trigger stress and magnify when we have bigger concerns in our lives. Walking into a bathroom or kitchen with a Splashpad mat gives you that Zen, “ahh this is clean…” feeling every time you use the sink. It elevates your self-care experience, freeing your mind to focus on YOU!

There’s nothing you can’t do when your space is clean. Set yourself up for success with your own Splashpad mat today.