Top 5 Sensory Activities for Toddlers and Young Kids at Home

There are many long lists of sensory activities out there now. So, we narrowed it down to the top 5 sensory activities for toddlers and young kids.

Sensory Play

Have fun helping your child grow and develop with sensory play! This kind of play fosters language development, cognitive growth, gross motor skills, as well as fine motor skills. Below are a few sensory activity ideas that will entertain both your child and you.

*Important Note: Child safety is always a priority. Do not leave your children unattended around water. Keep items away from young children that are a choking risk. Choose activities that are developmentally a good match for your child.

1. Water Play

Playing with water can be a soothing activity for a child. Using the bathroom sink may seem daunting but it can provide hours of entertainment. Fill your sink to a safe level of water. Then add spoons and cups to scoop and pour along with their favorite small toys for imaginative play.

Use the Kid's Bathroom Splashpad mat to help soak up water splashes and puddling on the countertop while playing in the sink. The top has a super soft microfiber that soaks up splashes and dries quickly. The base has a rubber grip to keep it from moving around.

*Always supervise your child when around water.

2. Tabletop Sensory Box

A tabletop sensory box can provide entertainment, doesn't take up much space, and can be easily stored. To make a sensory box, pick an age-appropriate ingredient: sand, water, dry beans, rice, or balls.

If your child puts things in their mouth, consider using cereal or giant pasta shells. As they grow, you can move to rice, sand, or popcorn kernels. Pour the ingredients into a plastic storage container with a lid. Add scoops, cups, spoons, or even a few of their favorite toys.

3. Sensory Bottles

It can be super stressful when your little one has a full-on meltdown. A calming sensory bottle can help with those big feelings.

To create a sensory bottle, you'll need an old water bottle, some glue, food coloring, glitter, and water. Mix it all up then glue the lid shut. When your cutie pie is feeling unsettled, they can shake up the bottle, then watch the glitter resettle at the bottle along with their calm feelings for a nice sensory experience.

4. Finger Paint

Finger painting is a favorite sensory activity and has both calming and stimulating benefits. All you need is finger paints, paper, and a smock if so inclined. If desiring easy cleanup, place the paper on a baking sheet designated for crafts or paint directly on the baking sheet.

5. Dance Party

Never forget the power of a dance party! Dance parties satisfy both ear and eye stimulation. They also help get the last of the wiggles out at the end of the day.

Make a playlist of your favorite kid-friendly songs, turn up the tunes, and dance! If looking for a quick source of family-friendly music, try iHeart Radio Kids Hits for free!


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