Bathroom sink mat


Bathroom Sink Countertop Protectors

These countertop protectors lay around your bathroom sink area to keep it clean and dry. Whether you are doing your self care routine, shaving, applying makeup, or coloring your hair, SPLASHPAD has it covered. It's also great for bathing a newborn baby, and helping kids brush their teeth & wash their hands.

SPLASHPAD Benefits Include:

  • Makes cleanup fast and easy

  • Protects surfaces and keeps the area dry

  • Keeps slippery soap and excess water off your countertops

  • Washable, reusable, and eco-friendly

Learn More about our Countertop Splash Guard:

  • This popular countertop splash guard keeps peace in the bathroom by keeping your countertop free of water splashes and stains.

  • Our high quality, non slip, soft-to-the-touch water absorbent mat keeps your bathroom countertops clean and dry.

  • These premium mats are adjustable and feature snaps to ensure a custom fit. The modern colors are perfect for any bathroom esthetic.

  • Leave this splash guard around your sink for several days and throw it in the wash as needed.