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4 products

Keeping your bathroom countertops clean and dry is easy with our nonslip, soft-to-the-touch bath mat. Our modern colors and prints are perfect for any bathroom used at any age.

We all need those little helpers to make life a little easier and a SPLASHPAD Bathroom Sink Guard does just that! Keep your countertop free from water splashes while bathing newborns or teaching kids how to brush their teeth. Shave, put on makeup, use your hair products and spray contact solution without worry of making a mess on your counter.

You will love the soft, absorbent microfiber top layer that instantly soaks up moisture. The bottom layer has a gentle rubber grip that prevents the mat from moving around. Our mats are adjustable and feature snap buttons to ensure a custom fit. You can leave our countertop protectors around your sink for several days and throw them in the wash as neede