Top 10 Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s that time of year again, and springtime is clean time! You might have no problem cleaning the rest of the house, but cleaning the bathroom is probably the one of worst chores out there. The disgusting little tidbits you’ll find down your drain, or in your tub, are enough to make you steer clear away from bathroom duty. Those watermarks and residue in the bathroom are not easy to get rid of, but here are some tips to help make your life a bit easier. These 10 bathroom spring cleaning tips will help you get rid of the extra and unnecessary items that found their way to your bathrooms, like wash clothes, empty bottles and all that stuff in your bathroom vanity.

10. Wash your Mats, Towels, and Shower Curtain together

Yes, you can throw all of your mats, towels and shower curtains in the washer together. This is the easiest to overlook, but very important. Put your shower curtain together with the rest of your towels and bath mats in a washer and then simply hang the shower curtain to let it dry after.

9. Clean Your Showerhead

Combine a cup of vinegar or bleach with dishwashing detergent in a ziplock bag. Next, put the bag and solution over the showerhead and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse with hot water.

8. Then...Clean the Bathtub

This sounds weird, but believe it or not, the bathtub is home to mold and dust. To clean your bathtub properly use vinegar and then dishwasher soap, if needed afterwards.

7. Clean your bath toys!

It seems like bath toys are not dirty, but germs and molds from the bathtub can gather on and inside the toys. An easy way to make sure that it’s all clean for your kids next bath time is to put all the bath toys in a bucket, and pour in a mixture of ¾ vinegar and ¼ warm water. Let soak for a few minutes then rinse with water and let dry.

6. Maximize your Storage Space

Another way to organize your vanity is using office file boxes. Simply glue the boxes together and use two sided tape to tape them against the vanity’s door. Voila! Extra space for your toiletries and shampoos.

5. Polish your Chrome Faucets

To clean the watermarks and toothpaste marks on your chrome faucets, simply apply some shaving cream all over the faucet then wipe off with a damp cloth.

4. Unclog Drains

If you want to unclog your drains without having to see the stuff coming up from the drain, then this is the hack for you. Pour a good amount of baking soda then vinegar down the drain and leave for at least an hour to overnight. Flush with hot water after, and it will be clean and unclogged.

3. Toilet Deep Cleaning

Toilet cleaning products can help get rid of stains and germs, but not the crud and rust stains. In this case, bleach is your hero. Put some bleach in your toilet and let it sit overnight. Give it a light scrub in the morning and flush away.

2. Get Rid of Shower Glass and Mirrors Stains

Watermarks on the shower glass and mirror are super annoying. You see it, but you can’t just wipe it away with water. Luckily it only needs one ingredient, shaving cream to the rescue. Put some shaving cream on the glass and use a damp paper towel to wipe it away. It takes no scrubbing and it smells nice.

1. Keep your Bathroom Sink Areas Clean with a SPLASHPAD

We can wipe off the watermarks and messes on the countertop, cabinets, and floors, but I bet you it will happen again and again, because we use the sink more than 5 times a day. Save yourself some extra work, and get a SPLASHPAD to absorb the water and it will dry quickly. You can leave it out for a few days because the material is antimicrobial. At the end of the week, just throw it in the wash with the rest of your towels.


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