How to Keep Water off Your Countertop With a Sink Mat

Do you use a sink every day? Well, as you know, water inevitably splashes out of the faucet and sink onto your countertops, cabinets, floors, and clothes, spraying water and other gunky mess. No matter if you are brushing your teeth, washing your hands or the dishes, water will be splashed and a sink mat will keep water off your countertops.

This Kitchen Sink Mat Is Also a Sink Protector for Your Countertop

SPLASHPAD Kitchen Sink Mat Protecting a Granite Countertop

Kitchen sinks are used for washing hands, dishes, glasses, and utensils before and after a meal. A kitchen sink mat will keep water off your countertops as you use the sink. It will also act as a sink protector preventing stains and damage to your marble, granite, or other types of countertops. Whether you have just replaced your countertops with brand new ones, or want to protect what you’ve got, a sink mat will keep water spots and stains off your counters and sink area.

The kitchen sink mat will fit a 26” to 33” wide sink, and either single or double bowl design. It is adjustable using snaps for a custom fit, and you can throw it in the wash at the end of the week. We use ours every day, so we leave it out during the week. It’s soft, absorbs moisture quickly, and dries before you know it. The waterproof rubber grip helps keep the mat in place and not slide around.

Use a Bathroom Sink Mat for a Clean and Dry Sink Area

Splashpad Bathroom Sink Mat Protecting a Marble Countertop

A bathroom sink mat will help keep your sink countertop area clean and dry as you wash your face, shave, apply makeup, and brush your teeth. A sink mat is also great to place your toothbrush, toothpaste, and other toiletries so they don’t get wet and slimy.

Unfortunately, some people have faulty sink installations, and it can cost a small fortune to fix. Also sometimes, the sink faucet area leaks, or sprays water in places you don’t want. The faucet area on our sink mats is designed to keep this area dry and the entire perimeter of the sink. You never have to worry about your clothes getting wet again if you have a bathroom sink mat on your countertops to absorb the water splash.

The bathroom sink mat fits a 14" to 21" wide sink, and most bathroom countertop shapes. Just like the kitchen sink mat, our bathroom sink mat is adjustable using snaps for a custom fit. It also acts as a sink protector, covering your countertops with a soft, waterproof material to prevent stains and water spots.

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